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Welcome to the Center for the Empowerment Dynamic Online Community

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We have helped thousands of incredible people step into lives of clarity, purpose, joy, and empowerment.

“I am in a continuous learning process with this work, attracting new voices, perspectives, and applications from a multitude of market segments.“

TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)® & the 3 Vital Questions® (3VQ) frameworks provide powerful tools that help people go into any room, relationship, or scenario with a new level of assurance, understanding, and practices for how to respond from a rooted place.

This is why we’ve created an amazing space for community, connection, and exploration.

We are sharing information & personal experiences that open pathways for an intentional and heart-centered life.

Why? Perhaps you have heard of the Drama Triangle, recognized it in yourself, and want to find a better way of relating to yourself and others.

Maybe you’ve read our blog, where we dive into all of the above and more.

This is the opportunity to take all you’ve learned and reflected on until this moment and expand the possibilities, united in togetherness with other incredible, heart-centered people.

Through community, we’ll facilitate meaningful next steps and amplify your unique purpose with TED* & 3VQ.

This is a wondrous, eye-opening place where we don’t seek to “fix” ourselves or even others. Instead, we spark incredible epiphanies that ignite true transformation from a place of empowerment.

Whether you are new to TED* and 3VQ or an experienced facilitator, everyone here can continue their personal growth to:

  • Overcome personal hardships (Trauma, Family Dysfunction, View of self),
  • Have an open line of communication at work,
  • Build stronger, healthier relationships,
  • Or become better equipped to handle life’s challenges and increase resiliency.

We have created an online community that brings us together in a beautiful, purposeful way.

“The 3 Vital Questions provides a simple way to start a nuanced conversation about how we can all be empowered to succeed at the important work we do.”

Together, we will walk through practical, tangible, and creative ways to produce life-changing results.

In our online community, you are getting access to not only the deeper principles and methodologies around the drama triangle and TED*, but we are also leading you through the nuanced information, insights, and practical tools to implement this in every area of your life.

Sneak Peek Inside Our Community:

Self-Reflecting & Bringing Your Unique Purpose to the World: Our pasts, unresolved, can dictate how we show up now and in the future. We want you to feel empowered so you can show up in the world and pursue the purpose meant for you. With intentional journal prompts, thought-provoking conversations, and exercises, we’ll lead you into reflections to empower you in transforming your life.

Cultivating self-assured communication in any room: No matter where you go and how you navigate the world, our frameworks and models support you to find newfound clarity in any situation and the ability to communicate effectively.

Live Interactions: Connect with the community to gain insights on items specific to you. There will be opportunities to join book circles, attend live events, or simply chat with other like-minded individuals.

Supporting Your Outcomes: We know it can feel hard to march forward when you feel like you’re going it alone. We are so excited to support you in taking baby steps toward your envisioned outcomes. Here, we are in this together.

“It is impossible to describe what a profound impact the 3 Vital Questions have had on my life, personally and professionally.”

We are so joyful to invite you in. Our hearts are so full to see you:

  • Bring this work to the world.
  • Dive into a deeper connection with us, here, at the Center for The Empowerment Dynamic.
  • And spark a newfound confidence as the incredible person you already are.

We look forward to seeing you in our network.

Authors and Co-founders of the Center for The Empowerment Dynamic

Our Community Guidelines:

To fulfill our outcome of who we are, it is vital that we keep this a safe space. We may be vulnerable, opening ourselves up to others in our network with whom we may not be familiar. 

Be supportive and courteous.

Therefore, we are establishing the following guidelines for using our network:

  •     No spamming
  •     Be personable
  •     Upload your headshot – we want to see who we’re connecting with
  •     Respect everyone’s privacy
  •     Refrain from controversial topics; including, but not limited to, politics, vaccines, etc.
  •     Be respectful as we co-create

It’s OK to disagree as dialogue unfolds but do so with an open mind and see other perspectives as a Challenger to consider. Derogatory posts or arguments will be deleted, and parties may be removed from our network

Keep private chats appropriate and considerate

If anyone feels that these guidelines have been breached, they should inform the administrators, who reserve the right to remove members.

These simple guidelines will help ensure that we relate to one another as Creators, Challengers, and Coaches, exploring how to live and apply TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)®.